IMPACCTIntegrated Management of Power-Aware Communications, Computing, and Networking (IEEE Workshop)
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IMPACCT Brooklyn creates and preserves affordable housing, and prevents displacement to enhance the economic, racial and cultural diversity of Central Brooklyn.
We are very excited to receive the support and recognition of Ridgewood Savings Bank as we work to advance our mission in the communities we serve," said Deborah Howard, Executive Director, IMPACCT Brooklyn.
Now in our 51st year, IMPACCT Brooklyn (formerly Pratt Area Community Council) is one of Brooklyn's premier community development corporations serving Central Brooklyn.
Very soon after Ridge assumed office, discussions regarding the creation of the IMPACCT Commission occurred between the Ridge staff and the Republican leaders of the Senate and House.
The Executive Director of the IMPACCT Commission who later moved to the PRIME office noted: "We had seven bills that required legislation, however, a lot of the recommendations and changes that have happened thus far have been internal within the executive branch.