IMPACSInternational Message and Packet Switching Service
IMPACSInstitute for Media, Policy and Civil Society
IMPACSIntegrated Monetary Processing and Control System (banking)
IMPACSImplementation Agency for Crime and Security (Caribbean)
IMPACSImproving Malpractice Prevention and Compensation Systems (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
IMPACSInhibitors of Multiple Proteases and Cytokines
IMPACSIntegrated Manufacturing Planning and Control System
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The IMPACS study recommends that the currently vague definition of education should be broadened.
Recognizing all the difficulties involved, we believe that the proposals put forward by IMPACS and the changes in the Income Tax Act and its regulations which they propose, should be supported.
IMPACS and the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy undertook a cross-Canada consultation last summer and fall.
The IMPACS report calls the restrictions "an impediment to democracy where informed and unfettered debate is essential.