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IMPACT IIIntegrilin to Minimize Platelet Aggregation and Prevent Coronary Thrombosis II (trial)
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Founded in 1979 as an experimental pilot program, IMPACT II today is a nationwide nonprofit organization that supports innovative teachers who show professionalism, independence, and creativity within the public schools.
One of the field visits conducted as part of the continuing improvement cycle of IMPACT II makes the point.
Contrast that approach with a program such as IMPACT II. This network finds good teachers with good ideas and connects them with other good teachers.
When that question was put to IMPACT II participants, 68% said their chosen strategy would be to "participate in a teacher network with small grants to teachers"; 39% said "hold inservice days"; 38% said "pay teachers to try [methods of improvement]"; 16% said "work through teacher centers or similar places"; and 14% said "have administrators require change."
Operation Impact II aims to reduce crime and increase the number of offences that are detected.
New Impact II software in the MACO DS eliminates time-consuming set-up of tuning parameters.
Operation Impact II was launched by Derek Cake, acting Assistant Chief Constable, along with representatives from many partner agencies.
CRIMEFIGHTERS: Operation Impact II is launched by (from left) Assistant Chief Constable Derek Cake; Cllr George Darmody; Wendy Huckle, manager of Warwickshire Domestic Violence Support Services; Ian Prosser, chief executive of Stratford District Council; and Peter Cutts of Warwick District Council policy services
The campaign, called Operation Impact II, will be launched tomorrow by acting assistant chief constable Derek Cake at Warwickshire police headquarters in Leek Wootton, near Warwick.
"Our operation has been a success so far, and we are hoping to build on that through Operation Impact II."
Topwave USA, Inc., South Plainfield, N,J., will demonstrate its new computer-controlled falling-dart high-impact tester, called Impact II. And Testing Machines, Inc., Amityville, N.Y., will demonstrate the new Monitor/Impact Tester for Izod, Charpy, and tensile impact testing.
Operation Impact II will be launched tomorrow by acting assistant chief constable Derek Cake at Warwickshire police headquarters in Leek Wootton.