IMPANInstytut Matematyczny Polskiej Akademii Nauk (Polish: Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
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(9) Zan yahualco in quintlaliaya in imixiptla, mec tetlatlalilo in techachan, tolpepechpan, azo tolpitzahuac, azo tolpatlactli, aztapilli, azo axali, in impan quitlaliaya: "en las ruedas ponian sus imagenes, luego estaban puestas en la casa de la gente, sobre lechos de espadanas, sea de espadanas delgadas, sea de espadanas anchas, de Scirpus, o carrizos huecos, las ponian encima" (FC II: 132).
The Researcher, a PhD from the Hebrew University who is currently a postdoc at the University of Cambridge seeks to integrate at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN) which has a long and distinguished history in Topology and its applications.
Auh injc iuh qujchiuh motecucoma, ca qujnteuma, teteu impan qujnma qujnteutocac: ic notzaloque, ic tocaiotiloque, teteu ilhujcac vitze: auh in tliltique teucacatzacti mjtoque).
Second,to strengthen the international dimension of IMPAN~s recruitment policy, to wide open its unique national fellowship programme to highly qualified researchers from abroad, and to make IMPAN an important employer on the global research job market.