IMPASSIntegrated Maritime Portable Acoustic Scoring and Simulation
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Around 49 international offices are being run by IMPASS and Ministry of Interior.
The meeting held at the Interior Ministry was attended by the secretary interior, advocate general, chairman NADRA, director general (DG) immigration and passports (IMPASS) and the DG Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Impass training system was intended to make it possible for crews to practice all the motions of firing, scoring and gun qualification missions.
It said a committee comprising of 3 to 5 officers of Ministry of Interior and IMPASS finalizes selection of officers/officials for posting at Pakistan Missions.
The meeting was attended among others by Secretary Interior, Advocate General, Chairman NADRA, Director General IMPASS, Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs and senior officials of Interior Ministry, Federal Investigation Authority and NADRA.
DG IMPASS would be authorized to grant three months visa extension, while cases involving further extensions would be referred by IMPASS directorate to the interior ministry.
Drawn from formal interviewing models, social and psychological research, and their law enforcement experience, they cover planning, the setting, props, assessing the interviewee, establishing dominance, rapport, Miranda warnings, detecting deception, nonverbal and verbal clues, resistance, the anger cycle, breaking the impass, and the end game.
ISLAMABAD -- The Directorate General of Immigration and Passport (IMPASS) has recently started contacting via text message more than 14,000 citizens every day, in the single largest such effort of its kind in the world, to seek feedback on the quality of service received.
Presolicitation: Integrated maritime portable acoustic scoring and simulation (impass) system
The current political impasses between the U.K., the EU, and within Northern Ireland are further complicated in a no-deal Brexit scenario.
The language used by India in these letters, especially the use of 'terror' multiple times suggest that it is firm on its previous stances and more impasses are highly likely.
The Federal Service Impasses Panel recently imposed a contract on one of the unions representing Social Security workers that hews closely to the Executive Orders, including provisions to deny the union use of office space in government buildings and slash the official time available to the union to fulfill their statutory duties to represent workers.