IMPCSIntegrated Monitoring Power and Control Subsystem
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(55) Li et al (51) demonstrated that the ratio of [CD44.sup.+] to [CD24.sup.-/low] tumor cells was higher in IMPCs than it was in IDC-NOS, and the increased [CD44.sup.+] to [CD24.sup.-/low] ratio was associated with more-frequent metastasis of IMPC and a worse prognosis.
With deep sequencing, one study analyzed the transcriptomes of IMPCs. (57) Forty-five microRNAs (miRNAs) were identified that were differentially expressed in IMPC and IDC-NOS.
The term invasive micropapillary carcinoma (IMPC) of the breast was coined in 1993 to describe a distinct variant of breast cancer characterized by small micropapillary clusters of tumor cells that lack true, central, fibrovascular cores and that lie within empty stromal lacunae (72) (Figure 11, A through C).
The propensity of IMPC, whether in pure or mixed form, for lymphovascular invasion and lymph node metastasis is well known and documented in several reports.