IMPECTInter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand
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AIPP slowly began organising in Thailand, working closely with the IWGIA based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and IMPECT, which, as noted earlier, was officially established in Chiang Mai by various Tribal leaders in 1993.
(87) Together with IMPECT, AIPP began to increasingly support the development of an Indigenous movement in Thailand and other parts of Asia.
Reflecting the particularities of Thailand, however, Jonsson notes that with IMPECT's establishment in the early 1990s, ethnic minorities in the north began to be concerned with both representing themselves as loyal members of the nation-state' and also drawing on 'an international discourse of indigenous peoples and their right to engage in culture and development on their own terms'.
(89) Although these struggles did not initially employ arguments associated with Indigeneity, groups like IMPECT and supporting academics from Chiang Mai University and elsewhere began supporting communities faced with resettlement and land and forest loss.
Three years later, in May 1955, representatives from Tribal NGOs, such as the ONTP and IMPECT organised a peaceful walking demonstration of some 3,000 Tribal peoples from Chiang Mai to Lamphun to protest government efforts to relocate communities from upland watersheds.
In May 1999, the AITT and IMPECT aligned with Thai academics from Chiang Mai University and the largely ethnic Thai members of several NGOs, including the Northern Farmers Network and the Assembly of the Poor, (103) in staging a large peaceful demonstration at Chiang Mai's City Hall.
Finally, after an explanation and convincing key leaders from highland backgrounds, the meeting of the national committee, held at IMPECT on 13 October 2015, voted to adopt the term Chon phao phuen mueang for 'Indigenous Peoples', as an official name for submitting the draft of the proposed act to the National Legislative Assembly, in late November 2015.
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