IMPEPIntegrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program (NRC)
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Again, although statistical significance was not achieved with this limited sample, IMPEP SAMs demonstrated lower PS scores at post-test compared to controls and there was a notable trend toward reduced PS scores within the IMPEP group following the intervention.
Pilot Study III (Porter, Cameron, Haran, Orukotan, & Williams-Welch 2000) was conducted on a convenience sample of 16 parent-infant pairs, with 6 in the experimental IMPEP group and 10 enrolled in PEP classes only.
Changes in pre- and post-test attachment scores were non-significant for both groups, and although the IMPEP group had lower attachment scores compared to PEP subjects at post-test, these differences existed at baseline and were likely a consequence of the non-randomized study design.
The IMPEP: A Promising Parenting Enhancement Strategy
The IMPEP distinguishes itself as an innovative intervention in several ways.
The proposed IMPEP model holds great promise for nurses and other health care professionals to integrate into existing rehabilitation programs for recovering SAMs.