IMPESImplicit Pressure Explicit Saturation
IMPESIntegrated Multiphase Environmental Systems (Tufts laboratory)
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It is not surprising, therefore, that in the next witchcraft pamphlet of the sixteenth century (1592) the author declares that 'Sathan stil doth hatch fresh Impes, wherby of al sorts he may catch'.
When Ellen Garrison of Upwell was searched in 1647, "some that were there that pretended to have skill in the discovery of witchcraft sayd that some of the deviles impes had sucked her"; but, despite this weighty professional opinion from Stearne and his circus, then touring the Isle of Ely, the local midwife was far more circumspect in her testimony.(82) Some, like the London midwives in 1634, were prepared to exculpate individuals, or to question the validity of the entire procedure; John Hale, minister of Beverley, Massachusetts, reported the doubts of "a skilfull midwife" concerning the witch's mark.(83)
Aisha Othman, Crinela Pislaru, Thuraya Kenan, Ahmed Impes.