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IMPIInternal Micro Program Instruction
IMPIInternational Microwave Power Institute (Mechanicsville, VA)
IMPIIntelligent Platform Management Interface
IMPIInternal Microprogram Instruction
IMPIInstituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Industrial (Mexico)
IMPIInformation Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry (UK)
IMPIInternal Machine Program Instruction
IMPIInternational Masters Publishers
IMPIImmanual's Mission to Prisons and Institutions
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Consultado por este semanario, el portavoz de Yunes Linares aclara que el dueno de la franquicia puede tramitar los registros ante el IMPI, "pero en cuanto termine el comodato, todo pasa al gobierno del estado.
A man from Nqutu, for instance, explained how, having been conscripted into an impi, he fled his rented backyard shack for refuge in the migrant hostels, having first put his girlfriend and their child on a bus back to her mother in the Northern Transvaal.
La universidad al desarrollar su tecnologia, se pone en contacto de nueva cuenta con el IMPI para patentar su invencion y realizar propuestas de venta a otros productores "Identificados en la base de datos" del mismo ramo empresarial.
La primera DO que se instituyo en Mexico fue la del Tequila (DOT); y fue en 1975, antes de la aparicion del IMPI.
Having finally been spotted, the Zulu impi moved at once on the camp, before having completed their rituals.
At the show this year Denel's Seeker 400 appeared armed with two Denel Dynamics Impi lightweight missiles.
Under the regulation, IMPI must publish and update the Linkage Gazette every six months, listing those patents in force that cover allopathic medicines and containing the following information for each patent:
This historical romance is set against the background of the 1906 Bhambada Zulu uprising, called Impi yamakhanda ("War of the heads"), because the final straw was the imposition of a poll tax on the head of unmarried men, or Impi kaBhambada (Bhambada's War).
The award has been presented to the hotel during IMPI annual awards dinner in June 2010.
Convenio con el IMPI, para imponer medidas precautorias en contra de aquellos establecimientos que usan obras musicales sin la autorizacion correspondiente.
25" DVD-RW (optional) 1 x Slim-type DVD-RW (optional) RAID SupportRAID 0, 1 (Windows) RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 (Windows) RAID 0, 1 (Linux) RAID 0, 1, 10 (Linux) LAN 2 x GbE LAN2 x GbE LAN VGA AST2050 AST2050 PCI ExpansionTotal: 2 Total: 2+1 2 x PCI-E x8 slot (Full-height/Half-length + Low-profile/ Half-length) 1 x PIKE Slot IMPI Support Optional ASMB4-iKVM Optional ASMB4-iKVM Power Supply 80+ 350W Single Power Supply