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IMPIInternational Microwave Power Institute (Mechanicsville, VA)
IMPIIntelligent Platform Management Interface
IMPIInternal Microprogram Instruction
IMPIInstituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Industrial (Mexico)
IMPIInformation Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry (UK)
IMPIInternal Machine Program Instruction
IMPIInternational Masters Publishers
IMPIImmanual's Mission to Prisons and Institutions
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If COFEPRIS requests technical assistance, IMPI then has 10 days in which to produce an opinion on the scope of the patent and whether the product for which market authorisation is sought falls within it.
In addition, the franchise law requires that either the franchise agreement or a summary agreement reflecting certain of the provisions of the franchise agreement, including the trademark license grant, must be filed with the IMPI.
The IMPI Africa Operations Committee (BMM--Chair, CSW--Study Coordinator, MN, FG, JV, GM and PJC) designed the study, and co-ordinated data collection, analyses and interpretation.
IMPI was founded in 1966 to serve the information needs of specialists working with dielectric (microwave and RF) heating systems.
IMPI is a generalization of the Message Passing Interface (MPI), the de facto standard for writing parallel scientific applications in the message passing programming paradigm, now provided by all high-performance computer vendors.
182) The IMPI provides the following administrative remedies: inspections, impoundment of violating goods, fines, business cessation, administrative arrest, and provisional measures.
And Impi Agafiina the Virgin is a monstrously large character
IMPI participates in the equity of all these joint ventures by subscribing a maximum percentage of 45%, over a maximum period of three years, extendible to another three.
Catalytic policies of this sort have been applied in Spain, for example, the networking associated with improving design capability under the Plan de Diseno and the IMPI small firms network.
Organizations eligible for the Meetings Industry Leadership Award are nominated and voted on by the IMPI Board of Directors.
AHF has established itself as a leader in the bleeding disorders community, developing disease management programs for individuals and families that have significantly impI racted and shaped the modern approach to patient care for these conditions.
He captained now-defunct South African franchise Impi in the spring and was due to play for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL until they decided he was not required.