IMPLInitial Microprogram Load
IMPLInternet Marketing Promotions Ltd. (UK; est. 2001)
IMPLInstructional Multimedia Production Lab (University of California, Los Angeles)
IMPLInterdisciplinary Materials Processing Laboratory (Cambridge University, UK)
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Housing Forecasts: The IMPL carried out estimates for housing stock and demand for the entire LMA.
The projection of the IMPL implies rapid and continuous increase in population as it assumes that the growth rate will be above 3% during the plan period.
We are very proud that the largest global mobile group in the world has chosen iFollow as the platform for IMPL services," said Tommy Volsen, COO of Followap.
Its flagship platform, iFollow, became the world's first commercially installed IMPL platform in December 2000, when it was launched by Eircell, Ireland's leading Mobile Operator and a subsidiary of the Vodafone Group Plc.
We believe that Followap is uniquely positioned to be the leader in providing Mobile Instant Messaging solutions and become the standard for IMPL platforms," said Thorsten Heins, President of Solutions within the Information and Communication Mobile Group.
We are confident that Siemens' support of our vision will enable us to bring our proven IMPL technology into leading carriers worldwide," said Tommy Volsen, COO of Followap.