IMPLANImplementation Plan
IMPLANImpact Analysis for Planning
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Regional data describing the inter-industry relationships in the seven county study area was obtained from the IMPLAN input-output software (Minnesota IMPLAN Group, 2000).
The Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) software model was originally designed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service as a non-survey-based, input-output model (Crihfield and Campbell 1991, Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.
In the third part of the method, I used IMPLAN software (Minnesota IMPLAN Group 2004) to project the total economic impacts of the changes in final demand.
The impact of spending was determined through use of IMPLAN economic impact model for the U.
This shortcoming is compounded in ready-made models such as IMPLAN (Minnesota IMPLAN Group 2004) that typically use only national average relationships between intermediate (material and service) inputs and an industry's output for a specific industry production process in a specific location.
BioOhio teamed with consulting firm Tripp Umbach, which employed the IMPLAN input-output model to estimate the impact of bioscience economic events in the state of Ohio.
ACC's analysis employed the IMPLAN input-output methodology, an economic model that quantifies interdependencies among industries or economic sectors.
The IMPLAN model, based on input-output (I-O) analysis, consists of a nationwide matrix and estimates of sector activity for final demand, final payments, industry output, and employment for each county in the Unites States.
The economic impact study was conducted over a period of several months and utilized the IMPLAN model, which quantifies the direct and indirect benefits of economic activity.
They used surveys, analysis of public documents, interviews with nuclear subject matter experts, a detailed engineering-based scaling methodology, and IMPLAN (benchmark economic software that estimates indirect and induced economic impacts on a region).
They aggregated the relevant IMPLAN sectors into three forest-based sectors, representing U.