IMPOIn My Personal Opinion
IMPOIn My Professional Opinion
IMPOIndustrial Maintenance and Plant Operation
IMPOInfrastructure Major Program Office (now IPMO)
IMPOIn My Pompous Opinion (Internet slang)
IMPOIn My Proud Opinion
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IMPO magazine's March cover story, "Best Practices: Naturally Vitamins, Inc.
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SIR Chris Hoy insists it is not impos sible for Great Britain's track cycling team to match their astonishing 2012 haul of seven gold medals at the Rio Olympics next month.
September will also be hugely impos rtant for British brands Jaguar and Land Rover with the arrival of the stunning Range Rover Evoque, the 'baby' 2.
O advento da Segunda Grande Guerra impos enormes desafios a pesquisa e a Ciencia de forma geral.
I couldn't get into the seat prop erly and it was impos sible to get the safety bar down be cause I was just so big.
The family had os riginally been in the building trade, importing marble before switching to coal exports and timber impos rts.
Getting good communication skills is very impoS rtant, if nothing else it can save on parents much needed energy, not having to repeat themselves about six times.
Pour cette procdure, le mode de transmission lectronique est impos pour l~ensemble des phases composant la consultation (Retrait du dossier de consultation, remise des candidatures et des offres, tous changes de courrier).
Ha r r ing ton has been swamped by sympathy from Tour colleagues since being thrown out of last week's event for signing for a wrong scorecard in the wake of not impos ing a two-s t roke penalty on himself.
The scene for Mission Impos s ible 4 involved Cr u i s e jumpi ng o v e r another actor during a chase around the exterior of the building.