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The Crystic Impreg resin also may modestly increase compound cost.
AOC will begin producing Crystic Impreg resin in the U.S.
Stephens says AOC will devote a portion of its R&D to low-pressure SMC made with Crystic Impreg. One goal will be Class A surface finish.
Under terms of the proposed partnership, Owens-Corning will manufacture Crystic Impreg resin exclusively for National Composites, which will continue to be the compounder and sales agent for LPMC.
The veneer-based materials Compreg and Impreg were developed in the early 1940s at the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory (Stamm and Seborg 1955).
Plastic composites technology has developed higher-strength, more heat-resistant materials than were available when Compreg and Impreg were developed, further reducing their competitiveness.
LPMC uses Scott Bader's Crystic Impreg unsaturated polyester resin, which melts at about 194 F, changing from a crystalline solid to a low-viscosity liquid.
Jacobson-Reighter says NCI has formulated fire-resistant phenolic LPMC (also using "a little" Crystic Impreg in the formation) and low-density polyester LPMC down to 1.5 g/cc in production, 1.3 g/cc in the lab.
The resin is a blend of 75% standard liquid polyester and 25% Crystic Impreg, a special crystalline polyester made by Scott Bader Co.