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IMPRESSARIOIntegrated Multiple Platform for Remote-Sensing Simulation and Real-Time Interactive Operation
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Since it was built in 1889 by the great theatrical impressario Richard D'Oyle Carte, who owned the adjacent Savoy Theatre, the five-star Savoy Hotel has become a name synonymous with luxury and style.
Anatole Baju, known as the "impressario of decadence," represents this regime of style; his journal publishes numerous manifestoes of decadisme, "a purely negative movement" from which one can infer the decadent artist as an existential type.
UB is chaired by Vijay Mallya, the brewing impressario who bought Mendocino Brewing Co.
The men on the rostrum still have quite some way to go before they reach the speed of impressario Nick Nugent, but the increase in tempo has really livened up the atmosphere.
>From Providence, Rhode Island, to Bellevue, Washington, urban America has been beguiled by the notion that the key to a city's future economic growth lies in attracting hip young "brain" workers--the "creative class." But Richard Florida, the impressario behind the idea, warns in The Washington Monthly (Jan.-Feb.
It was called The Palace, but known locally as Old Black's after the famous impressario George Black who built it in 1909 on the site of the disused Shipcote Colliery.
His mentor isn't a white impressario like Elvis's manager Colonel Parker, but the legendary hip-hop producer Dr.
"It's a type of arrogance to think we can understand consciousness." So said the person next to me at dinner as we discussed a presentation by Ray Kurzweil, the technology impressario who has brought us technology that matters, including world-class music synthesizers and reading machines for the blind and dyslexic.
Greenough's career has focused on the impressario of modernist photography, and in showing Stieglitz's iconic images alongside lesser-known pictures, this survey promises to be insightful.
* You can go home again: Signatures Network buys substantially all assets of bankrupt Winterland, bringing Signatures CEO Dell Furano and President Don Hunt back in control of the company they founded (with rock impressario Bill Graham) in the '70s.
And the first step is to read The Family Butterfly Book by Rick Mikula, popularly known as "the Grandfather of Butterfly Farming." Not only does the butterfly impressario introduce you to his colorful world, Mikula provides fun, step-by-step directions on how to create a butterfly-friendly environment that makes visiting your home a more appealing option.
At the neighboring Impressario Ristorante after-party, cast members of the Arthur Miller classic spoke of the relevance of the 51-year-old play.