IMPUInformation Processing and Management of Uncertainty
IMPUInner Mongolia Polytechnic University
IMPUIP Multimedia Public Identity
IMPUIM Public identity
IMPUIndian Medical Promotion Unit
IMPUImproved Module Processor Unit
IMPUInjection Molded Polyurethane (polymer)
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Affective instability and impu lsivi ty in borderline personality and bipolar II disorders: similarities and d ifferences.
IMPU LSE isn't normally the thing to act on when you are making career decisions, but I have been there and it worked for me.
I would particularly like to thank Barney Campbell, Syd Coulthard, Clive Impu, Edward Ronji, Jack Ross, Wenten Rubuntja and the late Mort Conway, Paddy Nelson, Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka and Towser Tjakamarra.
Only with an old friend can we travel without the impu lse to say anything at all.
SureAyTnCt; but, iE soN Ahen w)ere eNse, foL i sAance, wou(d one placF thN uman impu Le to -xA ess((rAa h St;St; AS pNrAN E Pomethin anDEnIt be; eS out; T' coun ;IG Eatisfy (ome IN lH-fel TurgenNy to interact with anEther;Mto eBLOndNG SsciTuTness)