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IMRDInternational Master in Rural Development (Erasmus Mundus program; EU)
IMRDIntroduction, Methodology, Research, Discussion (model of research writing)
IMRDInstitute of Maritime Research and Discovery (Richmond, VA)
IMRDInstructional Media Requirements Document (Instructional Design)
IMRDInorganic Materials Research Division (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of California, Berkeley)
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It is also essential that every paper follow exactly (the social sciences) or as closely as possible (the Humanities) the IMRD pattern (Abstract > Introduction > Method/Materials > Results > Discussion) of the experimental research paper, with some allowable variations, of course.
Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers (NSDTRs) are strongly predisposed to many immune-mediated diseases, including a systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) -related disease complex comprising an immune-mediated rheumatic disease (IMRD) and steroid-responsive meningitis-arteritis (SRMA).
* To represent the distribution of each of these keywords in the different sections that traditionally form part of the research article (IMRD)
In other words, as informative abstracts can replace the source text, they have to be divided into the same sections as RAs, following what is known as "the IMRD pattern".
Regularly, reports like this would follow the "IMRD" scheme, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, however, the characteristics of the findings which will be presented in a detailed narrative, demand the consideration of a more balanced structure.
However, for the web-based course, pertinent information following the IMRD format is organized into modules.
By contrast, the psychology sample in the IMRD format has only 38% of its sentence subjects in the phenomenal categories--primarily in the Methods section--but 62% in the epistemic categories.