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It is bright red (like most IMRL); however, it is not marked with a "remove before flight" flag because the flag interferes with the extension of the nose gear after rigging has been completed.
After removing both ejection seats and placing them in the seat cage, I inventoried the IMRL no longer needed for the job and returned it to the shop.
IMRL gear is moved in and out of a command with transaction reports (T/Rs)--a checklist is available in the NAMP (Volume V, Chapter 19.2b(1) and (5), Figures 18-1 and 18-2).
When IMRL gear moves into or out of the work center and tool room, the LAMS report also must be updated to make sure you know where the gear is located.
Work-center IMRL petty officers and NCOs should be able to complete a quick quarterly inventory.
IMRL is a consolidated list of specified items and quantities of support equipment (SE) that a particular aircraft maintenance activity requires to do its assigned mission.
COMNAVAIRSYSCOM builds the IMRL for all Navy and Marine Corps aviation activities by extracting SE items from the support equipment resources management information system (SERMIS) database.
burden commonly falls on a new hazardous-material (HAZMAT) or tool-room petty officer who normally is overwhelmed with broken-tool reports (BTR) and many other things, including IMRL & CAL.
To remedy this situation, we applied red reflective tape over the entire front of the cover, being careful not to cover the handle or IMRL tag.
The required tools and IMRL equipment to support them were shipped with the aircraft.
During safety surveys, I often find evidence to support that point, especially in the area of pre-op inspections on support equipment, IMRL gear, and shop equipment.