IMRSIntensity-Modulated Radiosurgery
IMRSIssue Management Resolution System (US IRS)
IMRSIrish Missionary Resource Service
IMRSInternet Market Research Services (UK)
IMRSInteractive Message Response System
IMRSintegrated monitoring and recording system (aviation)
IMRSInteractive Multimedia Retrieval Services
IMRSIntelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation
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IMR outcomes were fairly stable as IMR physicians upheld the UR doctors' modification or denial of services nearly 90 percent of the time, while the mix of services reviewed by IMR physicians in 2018 showed prescription drug requests continued to top the list, accounting for 46.3 percent of the IMRs, according to the study.
Giving further details, the official said IMRs has been built in-house and after completing all tests would be
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is in process of developing an Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMR) to them for disaster mitigation and fire fighting.
A senior manager at Ignite, a department of MoITT on Sunday said the Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMRs) have features including fire detection and extuinguishing capabilities, object detection, target tracking, collision avoidance, group formation movement, and autonomous and manual control.
process of developing an Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMR) which would be used for disaster mitigation and fire fighting.
The IMRs will be built in-house and also be available for local industries, hospitals and offices.
There were wide variations in IMRa bellwether of national healthacross India, according to the latest report from the Sample Registration System (SRS) bulletin, with smaller, more literate states reporting IMRs close to or better than richer countries and larger, poorer states reporting more deaths than poorer countries, indicating the uneven nature of healthcare.
One of the greatest challenges faced by the countries in the Asian region is to meet the basic health needs of the people, especially of the children.1 According to Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2007-08, the overall Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in the Punjab province was 77 deaths per 1000 live births.2 Through in an earlier survey, 115 infant deaths per 1000 live birth were recorded.3 Punjab Millennium Development Goals (MDG) report showed some declining trend from 1997 to 2004, where these figures showed a decrease to 77 deaths per 1000 live births.4
According to UNICEF, Infant Mortality Rates (IMRs) are almost always higher in poor urban areas than the national average and than those in rural areas.
(NASDAQ: IMRS) (TSX: IM) has closed the private placement offering of 10,563,380 units at an offering price of USD 0.284 per unit, the company said on Wednesday.
At Tasnee, Al-Nazha, said sustainability is embedded through an Integrated Management Rating System (IMRS).
For example, there's the Omnium1 iMRS one Basic Set, which includes iMRS One, the world's first magnetic resonance therapy app to perform on an Android platform.