IMSAFEIllness, Medications, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Eating (pilot mnemonic)
IMSAFEIllness, Medication, Stress, Alchohol, Fatigue, Emotion (checklist for pilots)
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In the 379 AEW, every Airman assesses their personal risks every day, using a six dimensional acronym described for them on their laminated IMSAFE cards.
In Airman Smith's case, the "S" in IMSAFE would rate as a "3" or major risk for Airman Smith because she received almost no sleep the night before.
This would include setting personal minimums, applying IMSAFE, PAVE and other guidelines.
Both the PAVE and IMSAFE checklists fall inside RBDM.
Although it's beyond the scope of this article to describe them, there are also acronyms here, such as CARE and IMSAFE, to help you master this process.
The IMSAFE checklist can help you avoid disorientation,
The "pilot" element is further dissected with another acronym, IMSAFE (illness, medication, stress, alcohol, fatigue, emotion) to help refine the risks to a given flight.
The PAVE and IMSAFE tools are worthwhile components in our risk management arsenal but I believe they have three critical weaknesses that make them an incomplete solution.
This ties in to the tried and true "IMSAFE" checklist, where the "S" stands for stress and the "F" stands for fatigue.
(Remember the IMSAFE checklist.) You are the person with the most control over what your daily and future health will be.
We would all be wise to embrace the IMSAFE model, limit our flight times to airline standards, use oxygen liberally and be aware of our biorhythms.
First of all, they require stopping the normal flow of preflight and departure to run through a rather obscure checklist of items--like IMSAFE (Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Eating) and PAVE (Pilot, Aircraft, enVironment, External pressures).