IMSOCInterceptor Missile Squadron Operations Center
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To conclude, the IMSOC questionnaire has been validated to determine the level of nurse participation in the mentorship of nursing students with adequate validity and reliability in the Spanish context.
However, the relationship was weak for [Fe.sub.d-o] and Aid, which had higher negative correlations with soil pH (r=-0.60 and -0.62, respectively), than did [Fe.sub.o] and [Al.sub.o] (Table3).Crystalline [Fe.sub.d-o] and Aid concentrations were also negatively correlated with concentrations of total C, N, and C associated with imSOC and iPOM (Table 3).
To further investigate soil C stabilisation through physical protection in the studied soils, we determined concentrations of intra-aggregate particulate organic matter (iPOM) and mineral associated C (imSOC + s+cOC).
We showed that C in imSOC fractions was possibly more highly processed and persistent than iPOM due to its lower C/N ratio, and longer mean C residence time (22-77 years; unpubl, data) calculated from soil [[delta].sup.13]C isotope signatures of pasture fractions (Richards et al.