IMScInstitute of Mathematical Sciences (India)
IMScIntegrated Media Systems Center (University of Southern California)
IMScInformation Management Steering Committee
IMScInternational Mobile Satellite Conference
IMScImmature Senile Cataract (eyes)
IMScInstallation Mission Support Center (US DoD)
IMScInterworking Mobile Switching Center
IMScInstallation Management Steering Committee
IMScIndependent Mystery Shoppers' Coalition
IMScIndependent Model Space Control (NASA)
IMScInternal Market Support Committee (European Roundtable of Industrialists)
IMScInternational Menno Simons Center
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A collaborative study coordinated by James Adjaye of the Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine (Heinrich-Heine University) analyzed the acquisition of rejuvenation-associated hallmarks in iMSCs.
These properties may interfere with cell identification during iMSC application.
The IMSC is a platform for Chiefs of Navy and Directors-General of Coast Guards around the world to discuss threats to maritime security and safety, as well as develop frameworks and solutions to deal with the security challenges that threaten and disrupt sea lines of communication.
The IMSC algorithm [1] includes all the base stations in the active base station set and removes BSs from the active base station set depending on the interference induced by the active BSs.
Table 3 - Discriminant Validity of the Constructs of Supermarket's Brand SD PMSC IMSC IDMSC GPMSC PNMSC PMSC 0.777 0.893 IMSC 0.709 -0.049 0.847 IDMSC 0.962 0.226 -0.061 0.883 GPMSC 0.806 0.218 -0.051 0.455 0.890 PNMSC 1.064 -0.002 -0.009 0.118 0.317 0.820 QPMSC 0.931 0.072 0.105 0.132 0.123 0.003 LMSC 1.028 0.003 -0058 0.086 0.108 -0.007 ACMSC 0.965 0.099 -0.001 0.067 0.111 -0.042 BEMSC 1.000 0.099 0.036 0.238 0.163 0.023 QPMSC LMSC ACMSC BEMSC CR EV PMSC 0.899 0.749 IMSC 0.852 0.659 IDMSC 0.884 0.718 GPMSC 0.896 0.743 PNMSC 0.865 0.685 QPMSC 0.923 0.930 0.691 LMSC 0.079 0.919 0.922 0.798 ACMSC 0.059 0.049 0.936 0.938 0.716 BEMSC 0.144 0.139 0.129 0.936 0.958 0.815 Source: Field Research.
It is not just victimising innocent and enlightened people but killing them," G Rajasekaran, senior professor at Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), told the Gulf News.
There was positive correlation between IMSC and IUI outcome.
International Medical Specialty Centre (IMSC) has announced the opening of a new branch in the ground floor of Makatabi Building in Wattayah.
To prevent the recoupling of modal equations through feedback and spillover, Meirovitch and Baruh [19] proposed the independent modal space control (IMSC) approach.
Implant Sciences Implant Sciences Corporation (IMSC), a high technology supplier of systems and sensors for homeland security and defense markets, announced today that it will exhibit its QS-H150 handheld explosives trace detector and QS-B220 desktop explosives and drugs trace detector at Inter Airport Europe, The 19th International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Services.