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IMTIntima-Media Thickness
IMTInternational Military Tribunal (post-WWII)
IMTInternational Mobile Telecommunications
IMTIncident Management Team
IMTImmune Modulated Thrombocytopenia (illness)
IMTInstitute of Management Technology
IMTInternational Marine Transportation Ltd. (Exxon Mobil)
IMTIrish Medical Times
IMTIn The Meantime
IMTInternational Marxist Tendency (aka Committee for a Marxist International)
IMTIconic Modeling Tool
IMTInter Machine Trunk
IMTInput Mapping Table
IMTIntelligent Mask Technology
IMTInsulator-to-Metal Transition
IMTImmunomodulatory Therapy
IMTIntegrated Management Team (various organizations)
IMTInspiratory Muscle Trainer (medical product)
IMTInternet Marketing Technology (various organizations)
IMTInstitut de Médecine Tropicale
IMTInstituto Mexicano del Transporte (Mexican Institute of Transportation)
IMTInitial Military Training (USAF ROTC)
IMTIrrigation Management Transfer
IMTInvestment Management Techniques (course)
IMTInternet Montana
IMTInformation Management Technology
IMTImplantable Miniature Telescope
IMTInnovative Micro Technology
IMTInflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor
IMTIntestinal Microbiota Transplantation
IMTInstitute for Market Transformation (Ithaca, New York)
IMTInstitutt for Marin Teknikk (Norwegian: Institute of Marine Technology)
IMTInteractive Media Technologies (various organizations)
IMTInternational Medical Team
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IMTInter-Machine Trunk
IMTInternational Mobile Telephony
IMTInformation Management Tool (US Air Force)
IMTIndustrial Market Trends
IMTIndividual Movement Techniques
IMTInnovation Management Techniques
IMTInformation Management Team
IMTInfinite Monkey Theorem
IMTInterstellar Master Traders (James Blish "Cities in Flight" SF series)
IMTIntake Manifold Temperature (internal combustion engines)
IMTinterMedia Text (Oracle database product)
IMTIt's Morphin Time
IMTInter-Ministerial Team (various locations)
IMTIron Mountain, MI, USA - Ford Airport (Airport Code)
IMTIntegrated Modeling and Test Environments
IMTInductive Modeling Technology
IMTInteractive Multimedia Training
IMTInteractive Mapping Tool (software debugging)
IMTImposto Municipal Sobre Transacções (Portugal)
IMTIntelligent Miner for Text
IMTInvertible Matrix Theorem (mathematics)
IMTImage Manipulation Team (UK)
IMTIntegrated Management Tool
IMTIntelligent Multimode Terminal
IMTInternational Military Training
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IMTInfinity Mugen Team (forum)
IMTInfantry Minor Tactics (Australia)
IMTImmediate Money Transfer
IMTInnovations in Marine Technology (Conference)
IMTImpulsive Momentum Transfer
IMTIntegrated Maintenance Test
IMTIntegrated Missions and Transition
IMTIndividual Masking Threshold
IMTIntegration of Multiple Technologies
IMTInfrastructure Modernization Team
IMTInterpolation-Matching Technique
IMTInterface Maintenance Testing
IMTIntermediate Management Training (professional development)
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Dressed in traditional graduation robes and mortar boards, the 682 students, 588 from Ghaziabad and 94 from Hyderabad assembled at the Ghaziabad campus to receive their degrees from Kamal Nath, Minister for Urban Development and President IMT. Giving away the graduation certificates, Nath described India as one of the largest " aspirational societies" in the planet.
IMT is a micro-optical device as small as a pea that is implanted in one eye, replacing the natural lens and providing an image that has been magnified more than twofold, thus improving visual acuity.
In an analysis of the association by type of antidepressant, an increase in IMT was noted regardless of the class of antidepressants.
Each additional year of life is associated with a 10-micron increase in IMT, therefore, the brother on the antidepressant could be considered to be 4 years "older" in terms of atherosclerosis.
Dato Yacob Bin Samiran, IMT head, led the delegation that visited Isabela City.
Carotid IMT is a good predictor of future cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.
His argument is simple but rooted in historical facts: dictators and democrats alike in IMT pursued pro-growth policies because they saw their own political survival as linked to national economic development.
For example, one single-center non-blinded randomized controlled trial (RCT) involving 60 patients with a BMI [greater than or equal to]35 kg/[m.sup.2] found reductions in HgbA1C levels from the average baseline of 8.65 [+ or -] 1.45% to 7.7 [+ or -] 0.6% in the IMT group and to 6.4 [+ or -] 1.4% in the gastric-bypass group at 2 years.