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Three subscales measure intrinsic motivation: Intrinsic Motivation to Know (IMTK), Intrinsic Motivation to Accomplish (IMTA), and Intrinsic Motivation to Experience Stimulation (IMTES).
In this study, coefficient alphas for the subscales were similar to prior research: IMTK ([alpha] = .88), IMTA ([alpha] = .86), IMTES ([alpha] = .87), EMER ([alpha] = .77), EMIN ([alpha] = .83), EMID ([alpha] = .82), and amotivation ([alpha] = .53).
In the final analysis, this study had fifteen total variables with 9 masculinity norms (emotional control, disdain for homosexuals, playboy, power over women, risk taking, self- reliance, violence, winning/competition, and work primacy) and 6 motivation types (IMTK, IMTA, IMTES, EMER, EMIN, and EMID).
For function one, predictor variables included playboy, violence, and work primacy and criterion variables included all three forms of intrinsic motivation: IMTK (To Know), IMTA (To Achieve), and IMTES (To Stimulate) (see Table 3).
For function two, predictor variables included emotional control, disdain for homosexuality, self-reliance and winning, and criterion variables included IMTK (To Know) and IMTES (To Stimulate) (see Table 2).
All criterion variables IMTK, IMTA, and IMTES are also negative.
This suggests that as conformity to masculine norms predictor variables emotional control, disdain for homosexuality, self-reliance, and winning decrease, the criterion motivation variables IMTK (To Know) and IMTES (To Stimulate) increase.
& Admin 1 5 2 5 13 Art/Science 7 19 20 18 64 Others 3 14 8 7 32 Total 75 107 63 38 282 Table 3 Sample Items and related subscales from the AMS Example of items from the Academic Subscales Motivation Scale Because I experience pleasure and IMTK satisfaction while learning new things.
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