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IMVUIn My Virtual Universe.
IMVUInstant Messaging Virtual Universe
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15 August 2018 - US-based avatar-based social network IMVU has acquired social VR firm StayUp, Inc., the company said.
The acquisition extends the capabilities of the IMVU platform in avatar design, shared experiences, and user-generated content with StayUp's technical advancement in bringing social immersion and virtual reality to real-time communication.
Under a leadership of CEO Daren Tsui, IMVU is focused on spreading the power of friendship in ways better than what current social platforms deliver.
The IMVU experience, TODAY, mentally and emotionally engages our users to experience a deeper level of social realism.
On IMVU, a customisable avatar, which represents you, can express him- or herself and interact with other avatars to create a greater sense of social presence - the feeling of being with someone else as if you're physically there.
In a 2011 talk , Ries refers to his days as chief technical officer of IMVU. After having worked on the first version of the product for six months and after having written about 25,000 lines of code himself, customers refused to download the application.
However, most 3D chat systems such as Second Life and IMVU have not considered the relationship between agents since they mainly use 2D-stylized word balloons of the same size and manage chat dialogues regardless of all 3D spatial information.
According to the company, the partnership will allow IMVU members to speak to one another using their real voices within IMVU.
IMVU users can access free voice chat services by using a headset or their computer's built-in microphone.
Table 5: Same word class derivations in Zulu Noun Prefix Suffix isitsha (dish) -ana (diminutive) intaba (mountain) -kazi (augmentative) imvu (sheep) -kazi (feminine gender) ikhaya (home) e- (locative) indlu (house) e- (locative) -ini (locative) Noun Derived form isitsha (dish) isitshana (small dish) intaba (mountain) intabakad (big mountain) imvu (sheep) imvukazi (ewe) ikhaya (home) ekhaya (at home) indlu (house) endlini (in the house) As can be gleaned from Table 5, semantic categories such as diminutives, feminine gender and augmentatives are regularly and productively derived in Zulu by means of suffixation, while in the case of locatives, prefixation takes place often in combination with the suffix -ini.
Among them are AOL, Apple, Cerulean Studios, EarthLink, Google, ICQ, IMVU, Jabber, Meebo, Microsoft, Paltalk, SIPphone, Skype Technologies, Talkster, VoxLib, and Yahoo!
Clients using DaoPay's payment services include Facebook, IMVU, Innogames, Nexxon, Gameforge amongst many others around the globe.