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IMViCIndole Methylred Voges-Proskauer Citrate Test
IMViCInternational Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee
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IMVIC is an acronym that stands for four different tests; Indole test, Methyl red test, Voges-Proskauer test, Citrate utilization test to obtain the results of these four tests, three test tubes are inoculated: tryptone broth (indole test), methyl red/Voges-Proskauer broth (MR-VP broth), and citrate.
Confirmation of isolates was performed by using classic chemical tests (motility test, ure hydrolysis, acid production from mannitol, production of H2S, IMVIC (Indol, Metil Red, Voges-Proskauer and Citrate), (Lassen, 1975; Krieg and Holt,1984).