IMZInternationales Musikzentrum (International Music Center)
IMZInvoluting Marginal Zone (reproductive science)
IMZIrbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod (Russian motorcycle company)
IMZIzevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (Russian air gun manufacturer)
IMZIrbit Motorzykli Zavod (motorcycle manufacturer; Irbit, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia)
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IMZ: Your first chapter of the book was interesting in that it provided an autobiographical and historical contextualization, which reminded me of In The Vineyard: Working In African American Studies by Perry A.
The role that the basic nitrogen atom of the IMZ ring could play was mentioned above.
The Armenian office of Innovation Medizin Zentrum (IMZ, Germany) has opened in Yerevan.
[DELTA] = [DELTA] ([-1 - t,-1], [1, 1 + t];C) and [[DELTA].sup.+] = [DELTA] ([-1 - t,-1], [1, 1 + t]; {z : Imz > 0}).
[Real part](1/[1 - s[phi](z)]) = [Real part] (1/[1 - s/(1 - imz)]) = 1 + s [[1 - s]/[[(1 - s).sup.2] + [m.sup.2][z.sup.2]]].
T is the subclass of A consisting of functions f such that Imz Imf (z) [greater than or equal to] 0, z [member of] [DELTA].
Inmaculada is located 25km south of the Pallancata silver mine, which is jointly owned by IMZ (40%) and Hochschild (60%).
Let [[PI].sub.+] = {z [member of] C : Imz > 0} be the upper half-plane in the complex plane C and H([[PI].sub.+]) the space of all analytic functions on [[PI].sub.+].
Minerals Corporation (Toronto stock exchange: IMZ)(Swiss stock exchange: IMZ)(or the Company ) reports new high-grade drill results from the Angela Vein at the 51%-owned Inmaculada gold-silver project, located approximately 25km southwest of IMZ s 40%-owned Pallancata silver mine.
International Minerals Corporation (TSX: IMZ) (SWISS: IMZ) (FRANKFURT: MIW), a Canada-based company engaged in the exploration and development of gold and silver deposits in South America, has announced increased production at the Pallancata silver-gold mine in southern Peru for the first quarter of 2009.
A Klein surface is a Hausdorff, connected, topological space S with a family [summation] = {([U.sub.i], [[empty set].sub.i])| i [member of]I} such that the chart {[U.sub.i]|i [member of] I} is an open covering of S, each map [[empty set].sub.i] : [U.sub.i] [right arrow] [A.sub.i] is a homeomorphism onto an open subset [A.sub.i] of C or [C.sup.+] = {z [member of] C : Imz [greater than or equal to] 0} and the transition functions