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IMeLIgreja Metodista Livre (Portuguese: Free Methodist Church; Brazil)
IMeLInstitute of Marx, Engels and Lenin (Russia)
IMeLInstituto Médio de Economia de Luanda (Institute of Economics of Luanda; Angola)
IMeLIntergraph Middle East LLC (United Arab Emirates)
IMeLIAEA Marine Environment Laboratory
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Moreover, when counseling approaches are directly compared on their effectiveness, no approach has emerged as being more efficacious than any other (Lambert, 2013a; Wampold & Imel, 2015).
21) Both in the 1920s and in the 1930s, Fox published several books on Asia, some written while he was in Moscow: People of the Steppes (1925); the novel Storming Heaven (1928); The Colonial Policy of British Imperialism (1933), two versions of which appeared in Russian, one of 1931 written while Fox was at IMEL in Moscow, and an updated, fuller version of 1934; and Genghis Khan (1936).
35) Wampold and Imel, The Great Psychotherapy Debate.
189) But some states say otherwise, as was illustrated above in Imel, (190) When the insurer wants to have the insured step forward as the plaintiff in the case and yet control it like a puppet, the defendant might attempt to expose this fact in the hope that it will turn the jury against the plaintiff.
The Four Delta can be daylight ISR one mission, then land, swap payload pods to a CBRN payload and conduct a remote-sensing operation," Imel said.
Much has been written about the effectiveness of cognitive interventions for reducing PTSD and anxiety symptomology (Benish, Imel, & Wampold, 2008; Feldner, Monson & Friedman, 2007; Shipherd, Street, & Resick, 2006).
We always had a soft spot for C aka Sporty f r Melanie C aka Sporty iMel even if Emma Bunton was the real object of our desire.
Studies indicated that vocational and technical education teachers lack the ability to do so (Dugger, 2002; Womble, Hall and Turner, 1997; Imel, 1993).
Several team members collaborated to make this project successful, including David Imel, Mitch Martin, Steve Metcalf and Keith Ward of Oracle; Mark Germagian, formerly with WrightLine and currently with Opengate Data Systems; and Mark Redmond of Ted Jacobs Engineering.
Imel EA, Peacock M, Pitukcheewanont P, Heller HJ, Ward LM, Shulman D, et al.
7) "Chelovek mozhet zizhditel'no vozstanovliat' obraz Bozhii v zhivom predmete svoei liubvi tol'ko tak, chtoby vmeste s tem vozstanovit' etot obraz i v samom dele; a dlia etogo on u samogo sebia sily ne imeet, ibo esli b imel, to ne nuzhdalsia by i v vozstanovlenii; ne imeia zhe u sebia, dolzhen poluchit' ot Boga.
Research trends in adult learning include transformative learning, adult learning theory and technology, collaborative learning, practitioner-based action inquiry, reciprocal interaction, apprenticeships, and communities of practice (Glazer & Hannafin, 2006; Imel, 1999; Yorks, 2005).