IMitSInvisible Man in the Sky
IMitSInnovative Medical and Information Technologies Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
IMitSInteractive Multimedia Intelligent Tutoring System (Temple University)
IMitSInstitute for Mathematics, Interactive Technologies, and Science (University of Idaho; Moscow, ID)
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You are driven by passion and as far as you are concerned no man is off l imits.
For property, plant and equipment (PP&E) we apply an average discount of 35% driven by our expectation of imited alternative values in distress.
Nearly nine in every 10 drivers on 20 mph roads break the speed imit
by in Nearly nine in every 10 drivers on 20 mph roads break the speed imit
(104) See Blinka, "Ethical Firewalls", supra note 18 at 1238; Daniel D Blinka, "Ethics, Evidence, and the Modern Adversary Trial" (2006) 19:1 Geo J Legal Ethics 1 [Blinka, "Ethics"] ("[l] imited admissibility allows the proponent to offer evidence ostensibly for a restricted purpose (e.g., the declarant believed the black car ran the stop sign) yet with reasonable confidence that the trier of fact will nonetheless use the evidence as it sees fit (e.g., in fact, the black car ran the stop sign)" at 19).
Antiretroviral interactions ith anticonvulsants are predominantly rom the PI and the NNRTI groups, with imited effects from the NRTI group
The correlation factor depends on noise level, settling-off of the regime parameters in the case of imited frequency variation and value of the identified signal interval.
The taxpayer may take this interest deduction if certain requirements are met, including: (1) if married, a joint return is filed; (2) the taxpayer is not claimed as an exemption on another taxpayer's return; (3) interest is paid on a loan taken out only to pay tuition and other qualified education expenses for the taxpayer, spouse, or a dependent (at time of loan); (4) educational expenses were paid within a reasonable period of time; (5) the education expenses were for an eligible student; (6) the student was enrolled at least half-time at a qualified education institution; and (7) the first 60 months of interest payments were partly required in the tax year for 2001(after December 31, 2001, no 60 month l imit will be required).
Patents have historically been more effective in such industries as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, where the physical composition of patented products makes them difficult to imit ate without violating the patent.
As a result, the ensuing negative growth contribution of the real foreign balance has remained l imited (Figure 3).