IN-STEPIn-Space Technology Experiments Program (NASA)
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While the art market endured a period of serious instability and poor sales following the financial crisis in 2008, contemporary art prices have risen considerably in the past few years in-step with global stock markets.
Yet all they had to show for nearly 20 minutes of possession and pressure was a deflection off Damien Delaney's in-step.
Profoot's laser focus on innovation is in-step with the increased role of and focus on the neighborhood pharmacy."
Whereas this tribal culture still forms the basis of Afghan society, Afghans learnt a lot in last thirty years about 'unity in diversity' and to be in-step with international system with a strong relationship between structure and agent.
Rodrigo raced onto a terrific throughball from Ruben Amorim and picked his spot, curling his finish with his in-step into the far corner.
(Roll Call): "Davis might be able to be the next Lingle, Freudenthal or Brad Henry (a Democrat who was elected governor in Oklahoma in 2002 and 2006) if she could convince voters that she is a moderate who is more in-step with her state than with her national party.
Featured dancers include all the student companies: Hip Hop/Jazz - Hip Hop Minis (ages 4-6), Project Bounce, Project Soul and Synergy; and Tap - Double T's, Sonic Soles and In-Step.
They're all performed with harmonic gusto and physical athleticism, no surprise as In-STEP Theatre's cast appears to be comprised exclusively of LIPA students who all seem to have musical theatre running through their veins as a matter of course.
As expected, those who were in sync with the recognized authority figure indicated that they made more of an effort to walk in-step and felt closer to him or her than did those in the coordinated but asynchronous or control condition.
"With Tri-State now fully in-step with global operations, Mark can focus solely on brokerage operations, develop the talent he has already recruited into market-leading producers, and return to transacting leases, which will only enhance our productivity.
In-Step Trading and Timberwolf also showcased their outdoor decking product ranges.