IN1Intelligent Network 1
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We excluded 18 parameters (IH, TL1, ST1, I, N, IT1, IN, IN1, IN2, NL, NL1, NL2, NU, NU1, NU2, SN, SN1, and SN2) in the high-myopic group and 13 parameters (IN, IN1, IN2, NL, NL1, NL2, NU, NU1, NU2, SN, SN1, SN2, and N) in the moderate-myopic group according to logistic regression results [Table 3].
(a) The 4 x 6 [mm.sup.2] area around the fovea was divided into eight regions: superotemporal (ST1, ST2), inferotemporal (IT1, IT2), superonasal (SN1, SN2), and inferonasal (IN1, IN2).
Meanwhile, the Flormar Spider Lash 3 in1 Mascara gives an immediate 3-D effect boasting lengthened, separated and defined lashes.
It also brought in1,868 exhibitors, 6,323 delegates, and in excess of 600 speakers to address the most critical issues surrounding the ever-growing global energy demand.
One stable reactant complex, IN1 ([O.sub.2]-S-[O.sub.2]), has been considered between the reactants on the singlet PES.
(JC 4.3.38) 7 Enforcing role shift (Bousfield) 0 Total 40 IN1 (Frightening--instilling a belief that action detrimental to the other will occur) is most frequently employed in my corpus of modals.
Innovative capability was operationalized according to Miller and Friesen (1983), Capon et al., (1992) and Wang and Ahmed (2007) through following variables: development of new products and services (IN1), development of new production methods (IN2), risk-taking by key executives (IN3), market innovation (IN4), and firm's innovative strategic orientation (IN5).
The input signal in1 and in2 are applied with 0.1V differential input pulse type sources which is minimum input differential signal required for this I/O standard.
(5,6) The first class, In1, comprises large domes with diameters above 25km and flank slopes of 0.2[degrees]-0.6[degrees]; class In2 is made up of smaller and slightly steeper domes with diameters of 10-15km and flank slopes between 0.4[degrees] and 0.9[degrees]; Lena & Phillips: Identification of a dome near the lunar crater Hansteen and domes of class In3 have diameters of13-20km and flank slopes below 0.3[degrees].