INAAPIndiana Army Ammunition Plant
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Pruitt (1998) calculated flight speeds of three gray bats which emerged from the Sellersburg quarry and were then detected at INAAP on the same night.
Pruitt (1997, 1998) reported the second colony of gray bats at INAAP, about 7 kin from Sellersburg.
Besides the 20 gray bats netted at INAAP, 54 big brown bats, 5 eastern pipistrelles, 5 little brown myotis and 4 red bats were also captured (Pruitt 1997, 1998).
A $300,000 contract to develop a long-term strategic plan for the conversion of INAAP from military use to commercial or dual use.
ICI has been the operating contractor at INAAP since 1972.