INAAPIndiana Army Ammunition Plant
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Pruitt (1997, 1998) reported the second colony of gray bats at INAAP, about 7 kin from Sellersburg.
Besides the 20 gray bats netted at INAAP, 54 big brown bats, 5 eastern pipistrelles, 5 little brown myotis and 4 red bats were also captured (Pruitt 1997, 1998).
It is possible (perhaps likely) that some of the bats from Sellersburg dispersed to INAAP and established the colony there.
Prospective clients were leery of locating their businesses so close to a government facility, fearing that if InAAP ever had a callback, their employees would leave for the better-paying government jobs.
Army realigned InAAP, it allowed ICI Explosives Environmental to continue its contract, acting as a landlord for the government, maintaining the facility and renting the buildings to private businesses.
The land is coming from unused portions of InAAP. It includes the area where Rose Island, an amusement park and resort popular in the 1920s and early 1930s, was located, and where the Devil's Backbone, a limestone ridge, runs.