INACAIndonesian National Air Carriers Association
INACAInternational Network against Cyber-Hate (Netherlands)
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INACA did not say how much its members should raise prices by, reports Asia In Focus.
If not, Singapore Airlines wouldn t land here, he said after closing the 2013 annual meeting of INACA.
Wahyu Hidayat, the chairman of INACA, said though that 'to reprimand those mischievous travel agents or new airlines is difficult because there is no clear-cut regulation to refer to and besides many of the new airlines are not INACA members' according to the Associated Press.
INACA has also advised the Indonesian government to allow the market to dictate the prices airlines charge as the organisation believes that the current system does not work because some carriers sell their tickets below the official price anyway according to AsiaPulse.
The driving motor of the company is Soelarto Hadisoemarto, who own a company operating chartered aircraft and former chairman of INACA.
Based on data form INACA, the government prepares three alternatives for tariff systems:
Based on the tariff set by INACA by September 1998, the ticket price for one flight between Jakarta and Pontianak, which spans a distance of 789 km with 1 hour and 15 minute flight was Rp 634,000 per passenger.
It was established by Soelarto Hadisoemarto former INACA chairman,
The load factor of INACA members even ranged from only 20% to 30% down from a normal level of 60%.
INACA has asked for a US$ 500 million low interest loan from the finance ministry to repair 74 aircrafts now grounded.
INACA was to raise the tariff by phases 60% - 40% in September 1998 and 20% in December 1998.
Among some of the members of INACA, the load factor was only as low as 20%-30%.