INACIFInstituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (Dominican Republic)
INACIFInstituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (Spanish; Guatemala)
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Primero deben ser entrevistados por personal del Inacif y proporcionar una descripcion detallada del familiar, que incluye edad, sexo, vestimenta, fracturas y tatuajes.
The INACIF said in a report that the remains of 99 people have been sent to morgues, while just 28 have been identified so far, Xinhua reported.
Contract awarded for taxi service from january to december 2016 for staff of the various units inacif
"The INACIF only has one psychologist and one psychiatrist, and they cannot cope will such a huge volume of cases.
Contract awarded for photocopying and printing documents via multifunction device inacif during the period 01 january to 31 march 2016
Lopez's police statement supports this theory, and an autopsy by the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (INACIF) revealed that Quan died from multiple head injuries suffered as she fell out of the vehicle.
Roberto Vega, head of operations of the Policia Nacional Civil (PNC), said the woman had been strangled and a note attached to the body that read, "I hope you suffer as I suffered when I lost my son." Nobody claimed the young woman's body, which was taken to the morgue of the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (INACIF).
Contract awarded for service alarm wireless communicator gsm / gprs including monitoring and patrol units for various inacif, from 01 january to 30 april 2016
Contract awarded for update service renewal for two firewall devices unified threat handler installed in inacif locations 14 calle 5-49 zone 1 and 13 calle 4-55 zone 1
Contract awarded for monitoring service, location, down and recovery of vehicles through gps inacif vehicles to 47 during the period 01 january to 31 december 2016
Contract awarded for qualitative plates for simultaneous detection of drugs in urine samples using immunoassay technique forensic laboratories inacif