INADItem Not as Described (sale)
INADI Need a Doctor
INADInfantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (inherited disorder)
INADInstitut National des Arts Divinatoires
INADInactivation No-After Potential (protein)
INADInternational Noise Awareness Day
INADInvestigative New Animal Drug
INADInadmissible passenger
INADI Need a Drink
INADIn No Apparent Distress
INADI Need a Dip (band)
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a set of scenarios that minimize the INAD index, used as an objective function.
We retain all the solutions that have an INAD value within less than 5% of the smallest (best) INAD value.
This INAD filing extends our ongoing work with world experts in veterinary and regenerative medicine," said Robert Lanza, M.
3 e nos dados do INAD, foram selecionadas tres unidades de saude (uma policlinica, uma unidade basica de saude e uma unidade de Estrategia de Saude da Familia).
The INAD numbers issued are 012-009 (canine), 012-010 (equine), 012-011 (feline), and 012-049 (lagomorph), pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [section 512(j)] and21 CFRpart511
1 million square metres respectively, that INAD and the F 5th Demining Brigade demined respectively over a duration of a year.
Paquin started when he was six, starring inads for Baskin Robbins.
uk STAR VOICES TAKING CENTRE STAGE INADS BRITISH and Irish voices are in demand in America for promotional films and advertisements.
C'est le << couloir des inads >> (diminutif designant les etrangers << inadmis >>), bien garde de chaque cote par des policiers.