INAILIstituto Nazionale Infortuni sul Lavoro (Italy)
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Additional Contributions: The authors would like to express their gratitude to the INAIL Prosthesis Center staff (Cesare Stagni, Gianni Carrieri, Liseo Lazzari, Roberta Pallotti, and Pericle Randi) for prostheses fitting and occupational therapy training.
Tender for the supply of software licenses and maintenance services and specialist support for the creation of a semantic system of analysis and classification of texts for INAIL - ID 1512 - CPV main 48317000-3 - complementary CPV 72253000-3 - IGC: 5857983080.
50/2016, 2) that the company is duly registered in the Company Register set up at the Chamber of Commerce or equivalent foreign register, 3) that the company is in good standing with the payment of contributions and INAIL INPS and data for DURC , 4) that the company has used / did not make use of individual plans of emergence of law 18.
Implementing agency : INAIL Direzione Regionale Lombardia
The contract concerns the custody of web publishing and editorial services to support media relations activities for INAIL.