INALCOInstitut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (French: National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
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The honoring ceremony took place at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (Inalco) in Paris in collaboration with Iran's cultural office in the French capital.
Students and teachers of INALCO, members of French civil society and media persons attended the cultural day in large number.
Shahzaman Haque, the incharge Urdu Section INALCO while welcoming the Ambassador, said that INALCO was the only French educational institution where Urdu was formally taught.
Institute National des Langue et Civilations Orientales (INALCO), 2005.
Not only has she taught Islamic Art at BA and MA levels for four years at the Pantheon Sorbonne and INALCO, she has also helped at the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre Museum in Paris for the preparation of the new display which opened in September 2012.
GE-zin Dino worked in the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and was an instructor at the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (INALCO).
Les locaux de l'INALCO a Paris, ont l'honneur de recevoir, demain mardi de 10h00 a 12h00, Madame Ghada El-Wakil, ecrivaine et journaliste egyptienne.
Macedonian Days, or Days of the Macedonian Culture and History, took place at the auditorium of the French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris on the subject "Twenty Years of Independence - Balance and Perspectives" with participants from France, Macedonia and other European countries.
Editors Gilles Authier ((Institut National de Langues et Cultures Orientales) and Katharina Haude (CNRS, INALCO, IRD) provide an introductory chapter.
"Both have spoken of their parents waiting on senior Nazis, including Hitler and his Mistress Eva Braun, at the Nazi-owned property in 1945, and later at a property known as Inalco on Lake Nahuel Hapi."