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INAMEInternational Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives
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In the INAME, institution that housed CENFORES where the proposal was created, positions were created in 2002 but were occupied in 2005.
For 553 there is a brief but tantalizing reference to a man, of evidently Korean extraction, who was sent under imperial command by Soga no Iname (d.
To enhance the AltaVista service, Compaq has signed a cross- sharing technology agreement with Microsoft Corp to license the use of its Hotmail free web-based email service which will replace the current AltaVista mail provided by iName. The reciprocal agreement is bad news for Microsoft's search engine provider, Inktomi, which will see its engine replaced by AltaVista as the preferred search engine on the Microsoft Network (MSN).
com, or, for $14.95 a year, you can choose "a unique specialty iName." Apparently, an outfit called iName has gone and registered a whole bunch of domains -- from the ridiculous ( to the divine (
He was a member of the International Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives/Newspaper Advertising Bureau Plans Board, as well as a member of the INAME Advertising Agency Relations Committee.
A traves de la Cooperacion Sur-Sur y Triangular para el fortalecimiento en el control de la calidad de los medicamentos en los laboratorios oficiales del CARICOM, profesionales argentinos del Instituto Nacional de Medicamentos (INAME), laboratorio oficial perteneciente a la Administracion Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnologia Medica de Argentina (ANMAT), capacitaron en Jamaica y en Argentina a profesionales de Guyana, Jamaica, Surinam y Trinidad y Tobago en Buenas Practicas de Laboratorio (BPL).
Pero ademas, una historia de reconocimientos y fundamentos: la de quien agradece y es agradecido, dando testimonio--en primera persona--no solo de sus propias vivencias y compromisos, sino tambien de las compartidas con quienes, cerca o lejos, aunque siempre proximos, hicieron posible el viaje: desde el "equipo central" del Centro de Formacion y Estudios del INAME (actual INAU), hasta la Asociacion de Educadores Sociales del Uruguay (ADESU), con todos los docentes, estudiantes, egresados, directores y grupos de trabajo de los centros de practicas ...
Like iName in email and InfoSpace in telephone directories, wants to be an OEM provider of services to other portals - "the Switzerland of calendars" as a spokesperson put it.
He is the smiling Scots axeman who makes isure there is no Rovers Return for the big iname stars of the struggling soap Coronation Street.
Anyone who attended INAME meetings has heard the speeches.
O Instituto Nacional de Medicamentos (INAME), orgao da Anmat, alem de fiscalizar os estabelecimentos que elaboram, importam, fracionam e comercializam medicamentos, tambem e o laboratorio oficial de controle de qualidade na Argentina.
A spokesperson for suggested that the company is most likely to pursue an OEM strategy, much like Inktomi in search engines and iName in free web-based email.