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INAMEInternational Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives
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iName provides a comprehensive suite of services including private email accounts, Web browser-based email access and lifetime email forwarding services to over 45 ISPs and content providers as well as through its own Web site.
com is a product of a strategic partnership between Snap and iName to jointly develop a comprehensive, co-branded, HTML email service that utilizes iName's innovative features and functionality.
We are gratified that iName's new financing received the support of this group of highly-regarded institutional investors," stated Gerald Gorman, Chairman of iName, Inc.
Internet Companies Mindspring Iname / Globecomm Direct Connect Big Planet Web Jump Many other ISPs
com suggested that the company is most likely to pursue an OEM strategy, much like Inktomi in search engines and iName in free web-based email.
GTE Web Mail, powered by iName, a leading provider of e-mail technology and communications solutions, allows consumers and business professionals to send, receive, store and forward e-mail messages from any computer with a Web browser, without the use of any specific Internet access service.
iName - free, personalized, permanent email addresses.
In addition, UPS announced that it has made agreements with six leading technology providers -- Adobe, Compaq Computer Corporation, iName Inc.
The company has signed agreements with leading Web portals and publishers, including iName, AllApartments.
Participants include Hotmail, InfoBeat, WhoWhere's MailCity, iName, and TipWorld, IDG's email newsletter distribution company.