INAMHIInstituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia (Equador)
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Precipitation and temperature in Cariamanga average 1264 mm/yr and 17.8[degrees]C respectively (INAMHI: Instituto Nacional de Metereologia e Hidrologia, 1950--1999).
A plethora of environmental "institutes" compose a confusing alphabet soup that includes the Instituto Nacional Ecuatoriano de Recursos Hidraulicos (INERHI), established to monitor water resources, and subsequently replaced by the Consejo Nacional de Recursos Hidricos (CNRH), the Instituto Nacional Ecuatoriano de Mineria (INEMIN, mining), the Instituto Nacional de Hidrologia y Meteorologia (INAMHI, hydrology and meteorology), and many more.
Numerosos organismos nacionales se ocupan de un sinnumero de actividades referentes a los recursos naturales como el INAMHI (Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia), para el recurso agua, las leyes que protegen los bosques naturales de las que se ocupa el INEFAN (Instituto Nacional de Foresteria y Areas Naturales).
The basic network of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and rain gauge observations includes the sparse operational network of the Ecuadorian Weather Service [Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia (INAMHI)] and involves equipment from other public institutions.
Parameters for these procedures are derived from maps of cloud frequency, cloud-top altitude, and long-term average rain distribution (INAMHI 1993; Bendix et al.
The average annual temperature is 24 [degrees]C (13-32 [degrees]C), 86% RH, and 14 rainy days/month (INAMHI 2009) in an evergreen mountain forest with primary forest relicts.