INAOInstitut National des Appellations d'Origine
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As analises sensoriais nao revelaram diferencas expressivas, o que levou os representantes setoriais a demandar ao INAO a modificacao dos decretos.
In addition, the INAO certifies that wines comply with their existing appellation standards through routine annual tests and the tedious certification paperwork that vintners must file--but also through surprise inspections by armed government agents and raids of wineries suspected of cheating or unauthorized vinification.
The wine must pass a tasting test by the local branch of the INAO.
En 2008, por ejemplo, el INAO acepto el principio de una modificacion de la zona de produccion de uvas destinadas a la fabricacion de champagne con Denominacion de Origen.
When Saint-Emilion was first classified in 1954, the INAO and local
This is significant for the under-$20, value-packed wines from the south of France, since they are mostly IGP or Vins de France wines, the INAO now permits listing more than one grape variety on a label.
After the Second World War, with Alsace back in France, the INAO ( the National Institute of Appellations Contrlyes (rather wickedly described by Philippe as the Vatican in France) decreed that "seven holy grapes" should be planted instead.
On another front, the "crats" at France's INAO say the old sparkle from Chile called "champagne" isn't.
No fue sino hasta 1990 cuando las funciones del INAO se extendieron a la certificacion de diversos productos agricolas, ademas de los vinos.
Instituto Nacional de Denominaciones de Origen (INDO) The government agency that oversees Spain's DO system; equivalent to France's INAO.
com she was confident the INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine) will pass a ban on GMO vines and yeasts at its coming meeting in February.
For example, France's INAO and the AOC regs cannot guarantee quality.