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(b) Institute of National Analytical Research Service (INARS), Bangladesh Council ofScientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Taking over, Inar Kivlenieks was fast out of the starting block but slowed considerably as he moved down the track, hitting the buzzer to see Latvia move back one position, to fourth.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of John Barber (CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology) in carrying out the field work and Inars Salins (CSIRO Division of Soils) for preparation of the thin sections.
Data from the National Institute for Religious Affairs (INAR), under the Ministry of Culture, indicate the major Protestant traditions, including the Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists (United Church of Christ), and Assemblies of God, are present in the country but are declining in strength, with an estimated membership of 10 percent of the population.
More than 800 other religious organizations, many of which are Congolese-or Brazilian-based Christian evangelical groups, have registration applications pending with INAR. They do not meet the membership requirement of at least 100,000 members and are not eligible to receive legal status, but the Government has not barred their activity.
Examples of applicable activities include security assistance, cooperative research, foreign disclosure, specific country relationships and other international policy activities." DISAM has incorporated relevant material into the SAM-C and SAM-O courses and will shortly assume direct management of the 5-day course and the 2-day sem inar. Additional information is available at http://www.acq.osd.mi1/ips/ipsrcchome.htm