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INASPInternational Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
INASPIndian Academy of Sciences Proceedings
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At the same time, AJOL started discussing the idea with long-term partner INASP, which was running five JOL platforms in Asia and Central America.
Although Higher Education Commission Pakistan is the official partner of INASP in Pakistan, it is not actively promoting the services of INASP in the country nor has conducted any online course for health care professionals.
(16) But help is available in this area through organizations such as AuthorAID, (17) an INASP program that helps researchers in developing nations improve their science communication skills through personal mentoring and workshops on best practices in scientific writing and publishing.
The Higher Education Commission and the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), the main partner in the HEC Digital Library Programme, have linked up with Lund University Libraries, Sweden, to adapt and extend their existing Electronic Library Information Navigator (ELIN@) system so that it can be used by universities in Pakistan that are available through different packages and from different publishers.
The International Network for the Availabilty of Scientific Publications (INASP) is a nonprofit organization that takes a two-pronged approach to increasing access to scientific research in developing countries.
With a benchmark provided by INASP, (31) used a list of journals published in Africa on the social sciences, arts, and humanities.
One reason is that African scholarship has been hampered by severe financial constraints at all levels, from the universities to the printing presses and dissemination outlets (INASP 2002), mirroring Africa's disenfranchised status at other levels of the world system.
INASP also welcomes expressions of interest from people who would like to contribute in some way to improve access to information for nurses and midwives in developing and emerging countries.
A paper presented at INASP ICT workshop held at Johannesburg, southAfrica.