INATNetwork Architecture for Intelligent Routing
INATInstitut National Agronomique de Tunisie (Tunisia)
INATImproving Numeracy and Algebraic Thinking (est. 2007; joint project)
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(43) For more detailed discussions, see Akdogan, "Turkiye'nin Korfez Ulkeleri ve Yemen Politikasi 2014"; Ahmet Ucagac, "Turkiye'nin Korfez Ulkeleri Politikasi 2015", Burhanettin Duran and Kemal Inat (Eds.) Turk Dis Politikasi Yilligi 2015, Istanbul, SETA, 2016; Ismail Akdogan and Ahmet Ucagac, Turkiye'nin Korfez Ulkeleri Politikasi 2016", Burhanettin Duran, Kemal Inat and Mustafa Caner (Eds.), Turk Dis Politikasi Yilligi 2016, Istanbul, SETA, 2017.
Collection acronyms are as follows: HTLN (National Park Service, Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Network, c/o Missouri State University, Department of Biology, Springfield, Missouri), BUG ( and INAT (
(8) Kendi yapisindaki bu karmasikliga inat, bu hizmeti kullananlara etkili, guvenli ve kaliteli bir hizmet sunabilmek icin, saglik hizmet sunucularinin etkili liderlik ozelliklerine sahip olmasi gerektigi dusunulmektedir.
For example, Covarrubias (1938:121) provides Balinese tales and myths populated by anuncountablenumberof beingsofuncertainsex.DentanandOng(1995) alsomentionedan elder bird god, androgynous inat least some cases, who brought arboriculture and agriculture to Semai along the Waar and Tluup Rivers between Perak and Pahang (also cited in Dentan 2002).
The case was thrown out by the Ramsey County District Court, and adifferent panel ofthe appellate court affirmed,joining courts inat least two other jurisdictions.Relying on Cruz-Guzman,the panel upheld dismissal of the caseon grounds of non-justiciability as a political question.
European Parliament wants to step inAt the same time, the European Parliament plans to discuss the freedom of press in Slovakia at its next plenary session in Strasbourg."In two weeks' time, at the plenary session, we want the case of the murdered journalist to become part of the programme of the EP and to discuss the freedom of the press in Slovakia," David McAllister of EP's Committee on Foreign Affairs told Die Welt.
The sources said that El the Dabaa plant is in the implementation phase, requiring expenses to complete the designs of the nuclear reactors, in addition to safety and security reports, as well as hiring specialists to work inat the plant.
The company stated the Alere i RSV detects the RSV virus in nasopharyngeal (NP) swab samples using its proprietary Molecular In Minutes isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology (iNAT).
Lo anterior llevo a que en el ano 2003, por medio del Decreto 1292 del Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, se suprimiera y se liquidara el INCORA, el Instituto Nacional de Adecuacion de Tierras (INAT), el Fondo de Cofinanciacion para la Inversion Rural (DRI) y el Instituto Nacional de Pesca y Acuicultura (INPA) y se creara el Instituto Colombiano de Desarrollo Rural (INCODER) (11), el cual entro a cumplir los objetivos de las instituciones liquidadas y suprimidas.