INBCInland Northwest Blood Center (Spokane, WA)
INBCInternational Nestle Boycott Committee
INBCInternational Narcotic Control Board
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Considering that the lateral resisting system in the current case is a combination of moment resisting and braced and infill panel systems, the value of C is 0.05 based on INBC and 0.0488 based on UBC and ASCE [48] codes.
PAC 23,500 hwp 38 41 First Interstate Bank 18,450 1 39 of California PAC 42 Dain Bosworth 10,450 ifg 40 Incorporated PAC 43 Independence Bancorp 1125 inbc 41 Inc.
COSTA RICA: San Jose: Escazu, 9.9[degrees]N, 84.15[degrees]W, 2 [male], iii.1989, W.Eberhard, Malaise trap, 1300 m (INBC, LACM), Zurqui de Moravia, 10.05[degrees]N, 84.02[degrees]W, 2 [male], iii.1991, 1 [male], vii.1991, 1 [male],, 1 [male], vi.1995, P.Hanson, Malaise trap, 1600 m (LACM, MUCR).
Abbreviations of depositories MNHN Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia INBC INBio, S.