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Desde enero de 2012 el INCAA reorganizo las condiciones de los lanzamientos de las peliculas mediante las siguientes medidas definidas en resoluciones del organismo:
INCAA isn't the only critic of FPA's intended actions.
The Ventana Sur event was launched in 2009 by Argentina's INCAA Film Institute as a way of helping Latin American film and TV producers showcase their work.
Stites Mor considers that transitional cinema has concluded its last stage, specifically in 2004 when the National Film Institute (now INCAA) recognized its national relevance by creating protective measures for the development of the new audiovisual technologies.
The INCAA has been visualised as a network based programme mandated to undertake programmes of Climate Change Assessment and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission for the year 2007.
In order to provide financing, the law encompassed creation of the Fund for the Promotion of Cinematography, to integrate 10 percent of the price of all motion-picture tickets, l0 percent of any sales or renting of videos, and 25 percent of the income from the Federal Committee on Radiobroadcasting (COMFER), the control and collection organization for television activities, and other contributions This fund is administered by life National Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), an institution that presently plays an important part in this process, especially since it has became an autonomous entity with the capacity to collect its own funds and finance a great variety of projects.
To celebrate LATAM participation at MIPCOM, the Mexican Pavilion organized "La Fiesta del Tequila," and on the conference side, Argentina's INCAA organized a standing-room only presentation of "New Drama Content From Latin America."