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INCANInstituto Nacional del Cancer (Spanish)
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Mitimaes had existed during Incan times, being resettled populations because of their special skills and/or to disrupt ethnic identities.
The Incan method of water collection used cotton material to soak up moisture on top of some of Mexico's highest mountains.
Una vez que el paciente oncologico manifiesta algunas de estas patologias, especialistas de la Clinica del Dolor del INCan llevan a cabo una evaluacion psicologica y una medicion del dolor.
Gabe, who is of Incan ancestry, tells Ellie that he has an ancient Incan artifact in his possession, an object that will allow its user to travel to hanan pacha, the afterworld.
Machu Picchu, an important site during the Incan empire, draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to Peru every year and many Peruvians said they feared the alert would hurt tourism revenues.
The journey to South America is fraught with shipwreck, marooning, capture, disaster, and hostility from the Incan empire, where, in Novik's world, the dragons have defeated the conquistadors.
with my mind in a knot, and I might as well be Incan,
ASHBY - Soft as cashmere, lighter than wool, alpaca fiber garments were once made only for ancient Incan royalty.
MACHU PICCHU, PERU: Often known as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is believed to have been a secret retreat for Incan nobility, a place that was sacred, where the surrounding natural features of the mountain behind Machu Picchu reminded them of an Incan looking to the heavens.
There is some evidence to suggest that Incan astronomers used several tools to chart the position of objects in the sky and to predict the movements of the sun, moon, and certain stars (see Figures 4 and 6).
Most pre-Hispanic anthropologic evidence originates from Inca predecessors, ancient cultures of Peru that were technologically advanced and developed pottery many centuries before the collapse of the Incan civilization (10).
On July 24, 1911, an American followed a barefoot, eight year-old Peruvian boy to see Incan houses atop the terraced mountain on which the boy's family had farmed and lived for years.