INCCInstitut National du Cancer du Canada (National Cancer Institute of Canada)
INCCInternational Networking and Communications Conference
INCCInfusion Nurses Certification Corporation (Norwood, MA)
INCCInternet Communications Corporation (Colorado & Minnesota)
INCCInternet Control Center
INCCInternal Network Control Center
INCCIAEA Neutron Coincidence Counting
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The INCC (National Index of Construction Cost) is an inflationary price index published by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, which measures the evolution of housing construction costs, equipment, service and hand labor.
Although IMOB and INCC may provide some sense of the real estate market performance, these rates do not directly address the not securitized real estate market returns.
Pode-se perceber que as variaveis mais utilizadas nesses estudos foram o IPCA, PIB, a taxa SELIC e o INCC, e a metodologia mais comumente utilizada foi o SVAR--Vetores Autorregressivos Estrutural.
Tabela 1--Testes de Raiz Unitaria realizados nas variaveis em nivel TESTE DF-GLS FIMOB SELIC PRIMOV RENDA INCC M1 Estatistica 0,1183 0,0491 0,8727 1,5839 1,2622 0,7342 p-valor 0,7200 0,6985 0,8976 0,9728 0,9479 0,8732 TESTE KPSS FIMOB SELIC PRIMOV RENDA INCC M1 Estatistica 2,2629 2,1416 2,6927 2,7207 2,7475 2,7561 Valores Criticos: 1% : 0,736; 5% : 0,465; 10% : 0,349 Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
For 20 years after the war, the FDC INCC was virtually unstoppable as an implementation agency.
RMI pulled out of the deal to buy INCC last week and INCC sued it for damages for productivity losses and the effect the cancellation has had on its share price (10/15/98).
According to data released by INCC, Iran has exported around [euro]24.