INCCInstitut National du Cancer du Canada (National Cancer Institute of Canada)
INCCInternational Networking and Communications Conference
INCCInfusion Nurses Certification Corporation (Norwood, MA)
INCCInternet Communications Corporation (Colorado & Minnesota)
INCCInternet Control Center
INCCInternal Network Control Center
INCCIAEA Neutron Coincidence Counting
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Il y a aussi l'interet que porte l'INCC a la formation et l'information relatives aux protocoles de prelevement, de transport et de preservation des echantillons destines aux praticiens de scenes de crimes.
The INCC, she said, hopes that it could remove hand-woven Iranian rugs from the US sanctions list through the international protocols and conventions of which the center is a member.
(b) Protocols that induce iMSCs from iPSCs through iNCCs result in a homogeneous mesenchymal cell population without contamination of other cellular phenotypes; therefore, when differentiation is complete, no remnants of undifferentiated cells are found.
INCC is focused on acquiring and growing businesses that offer innovation, quality, and cost-efficient cannabis technologies.
INCC plans to select MIPs in each of the 30 states where marijuana is legal to license and distribute the "St James Rx" brand.
The INCC (National Index of Construction Cost) is an inflationary price index published by the Getulio Vargas Foundation, which measures the evolution of housing construction costs, equipment, service and hand labor.
Para definir um indexador para a correcao monetaria dos precos das unidades residenciais, foi adotado o indice Nacional de Custos da Construcao (INCC), na medida em que se trata do indice que pauta o custo da construcao civil, os financiamentos habitacionais e, consequentemente, os precos de vendas dos imoveis.
BE5 Em minha empresa e realizada ampla N 2 9 e detalhada pesquisa para obtencao % 3,7% 16,7% de informacao dos precos dos insumos (CUB, INCC, preco do aco, preco do cimento, taxa de mao de obra, preco do acabamento etc.).