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Even better, from 1953 some areas were declared 'white' (with all restrictions removed) as an incen tive for good behaviour elsewhere, and then surrender policies were refined.
But as managers strengthen incen tives and controls, they make departures from them ever more necessary.
* FDI Incentives (INCEN): To encourage FDI, China has provided foreign investors with special favorable measurements in taxation, land use, and foreign currency exchange in coastal region, particularly 4 special economic zones and 14 opened cities.
Thanks to state tax credits and cash incen from utility PacifiCorp, the investment will pay for itself in just over a year, says Trig Soleim, project manager for PacifiCorp's "Energy FinAnswer" program, which provides incentives for customers to invest in energy efficiency.
On the other hand, even if the new parties command high levels of support, there are no incen tives to shift to PR if one of the old parties enjoys a dominant position among the electorate.
One is to use an Incen Module, which will attract monsters to a player for up to 30 minutes.
From a tax policy perspective, our results suggest that book-tax differences may be a less useful indicator of private firms' aggressive tax positions because they have fewer incen tives to report nonconforming book income.
He said he was "concerned about the plight of the working poor," because if doctors were not paid to see such patients -- in Alabama, Medicaid providers ( include 66 rural health clinicsAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA -- then there would be little incen for physicians to practice in those areas.AaAaAeAe
Prof Niall Moyna, one of the fitness advisors for the Dublin GAA team, makes a surprise return to Athlone Community College to see if his theory of giving kids an incen points on the Leaving Cert - actually works.
He said the chamber had long argued that businesses should get involved in education and the proposal to give tax incen tives to companies which seconded staff to help in school was a "super idea."