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X-Factor judge and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole is a big fan of the fancy footwear - and has been snapped in several pairs of sexy six inchers.
The Cooper has 15 - inch alloy wheels whilst the Cooper S gets 16- inchers on run-flat tyres and both are offered with optional 17-inch wheels with run-flats.
I tried on some stretchy mock suede beauties; two inchers they were.
rear discs as the Maxima, which necessitated a switch to 16-in, wheels from the previous model's 15 inchers. ABS is available as an option, as long as you also order the optional side airbags.
On the other hand, the Tab Pro 8.4, which is a bit larger than the iPad mini looks very small next to the 12.2 inchers. The tablets feel relatively light and are adorned with faux leather and plastic.
She calmly rolls up to the audition with a pair of silicone 38 inchers she carries in a hat box and explains that if the role really demands it, she will be happy to wear them.
I could love anything as much as I love my collection of rare Northern Soul seven inchers but,in regards to Amy, you could almost chuck in my mint condition,gold-labelled,mono copy of the Beatles' debut album,Please Please Me as well: I love her that much.
(Although I discovered last week that my copy of Things May Come and Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever by Pete Brown's Piblokto on vinyl is now worth pounds 145, so I thank the inventor of the CD for making my collection of 12 inchers more valuable.)