INCHRIndependent National Commission on Human Rights (United Nations Mission in Liberia)
INCHRInternational Network for Circumpolar Health Research (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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According to Madam Davis, the INCHR needs to empower Regional Human Rights Coordinators and County Human Rights Monitors with logistics like motorbikes and laptop computers for the monitors to get to hard - to - rich areas in some of the counties.
The INCHR was established by an Act of the Legislature in 2005 as the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia.
Officials of INCHR have not yet made any public statement on the case, but it is expected that an official hearing will be conducted during which the accusers will have an opportunity to confront UNICEF with the evidence they have, following which INCHR will prepare its findings and recommendations on the matter.
She agreed that the INCHR of Liberia is challenged financially but pointed out that the entire country's economy is under pressure and appealed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for financial support to the INCHR.
Alex Toweh and his agents have allegedly perpetrated several demeaning acts against inhabitants of Bong and its surroundings which have drawn the attention of the INCHR.
Wiles said the INCHR as an independent Inter-Governmental body was available to work with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection ; especially concerning issues affecting women and children.
Colley, the mission of the INCHR is to protect rights of all citizens and non-residents against forced marriage, child abuse and any forum of violence against women and girls.
The INCHR Acting boss spoke on Monday, 10 December in Ganta, Nimba County during official celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Human Rights day, which coincided with the official end of 16 days of Activism under the theme: Still working to ensure freedom, equality and dignity for all and sustaining the peace by ensuring dignity for all.
'The INCHR sees this action by the police as shameful, abdication of her statutory responsibilities, and an attempt to cover up shady deeds of unscrupulous elements within the Police that threaten the enjoyment of the rights of all within the borders of Liberia,' Rev.
He also says the INCHR is aware of the progress with the help of international partners which the LNP has made in recent times.'The recent action and denial of the Police is making us to reflect.
She commended the INCHR for the launch of the program and urged them to be robust in the protection of human rights.